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1000-36000 bottle Per Hour  3 in 1 Glass Bottle Beer Filling Machine
















 Capacity 1500-2000B/H 2000-3000B/H   4000-5000B/H  6000-8000B/H  8000-12000B/H


Washing heads  14  18  24  32  40  50  60

Filling heads

 12  18  24  32  40  50  60
Capping heads  4  6  8  8  10  12  15
 Power  4kw  7kw  9kw  9kw  11kw  14kw  18kw
 weigth 1000kg   1500kg  2400kg  2800kg  3400kg  4300kg  4800kg

1. This machine is 3 in 1 machine have 3 functions :
            1).washing part :  washing bottle before filling .
            2).filling part :  filling beer into bottle .
            3).capping part :  sealing the caps on the top bottle .

 2. Electric part ( the whole process is auto-matic line )
            1). PLC (Siemens / Mitsubishi )
            2). Touch Screen (Siemens / weilun )
            3). INVERTER (Siemens / Mitsubishi )
            4). CONTRCTOR  ( Siemens /Schneider )
            5). SCRAM BUTTON   (Siemens /Moeller )
            6). BREAKER   (Siemens /Schneider)

 3. The Material of machine :
            Filling Valve (SUS316)
            Washing and Capping and Machine Frame (SUS 304)
            (sus304,sus316 are model of stainless steel )

4 . Whole line functions include :
     1). Washing ---filling ---capping(crown cap) ---pasteurization tunnel ---bottle dryer ---label machine (one label / two label )---packing machine

5 .Introduction 
    This machine is my company's introduction of German technology, combined with the characteristics of beer production    industry, designed to develop     small-scale beer filling equipment. The machine has excellent mechanical operation  reliability, improved rinsing, filling, cover screwing, disinfection sterilization and other functions.
    1).The rinsing part using high-strength stainless steel bottles of spring-loaded folders, to ensure a stable reversal of the  glass bottles. The nozzle is a plum-like structure can wash every corner of the sidewall and bottom to make the bottle clean.
   2).The Filling part with spring-type mechanical lifting equipment to upgrade glass bottles, large bearing support floundering    in the vat and use of guide-rod in the orientation of the structure, there are pre-cover features.  Fill valve before filling have    Double vacuum .
   3).Using high-precision mechanical filling valve, with cylinder liquid level and the back pressure controlled by a variable signal proportional. Fast, stable, accurate, to be vacuum one at a time.
  4). Stainless steel plunger and mechanical stirring gland-type magnetic reasonable cap to ensure that the gland is healthy and reliable. Hopper   and the cap taking- cover, capping transmitted by magnetic. The capping is reliable and automatic unloading, reducing the rate of broken bottles.
  5). the capping, use hot water bubble set to displace bottlenecks air, ensuring the oxygen content of less than 0.15mg / L.The caps are free from   deforming,and can flow smoothly in large quantities during transmission.The capper has the function of automatic de loading,which helps lower the   bottle breakage.

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