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1000-36000 bottle Per Hour  3 in 1 PET/Glass Bottle Juice Filling Machine

 MODEL RCGF 14-12-4 RCGF 18-18-6 RCGF 24-24-8 RCGF 32-32-8 RCGF 40-40-10 RCGF 50-50-12  RCGF60-60-15
 Capacity 3000B/H 5000B/H   8000B/H  12000B/H  18000B/H


Washing heads  14  18  24  32  40  50  60

Filling heads

 12  18  24  32  40  50  60
Capping heads  4  6  8  8  10  12  15
 Power  2.2kw  3.7kw  5.5kw  7.5kw  11kw  14kw  18kw
 weigth 1000kg   1500kg  2400kg  2800kg  3400kg  4300kg  4800kg

Juice beverage machine RCGF series
OK-RCGF series 3in1 unit combines rinsing, filling and capping with complete automation, suitable for non-carbonated dirnk. Conveyor height is adjustable, and the whole process is set up with alarm device in case the bottle is jammed, lacking, missing and over loading. With complete system highly automatic, mechanically sound, and very easy to operate, it meets the food hygiene standards with optional capacity from 1000b/h to 36000b/h.

Model: OK-RCGF14-12-4
Rinsing: 14heads, filling: 12heads, capping: 4heads
Capacity: 2000--3000b/h (500ml)
Rinsing water: Aseptic water
Filling temperature: >85 degrees
Bottle shape: Round, square, oblate, etc.
Bottle diameter: 50--100mm
Bottle height: 150--310mm
Power: 2kw
Dimension: 2000 1800 2200mm(L W H)
Weight: 3000Kg

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