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5 gallon barrel filling production line (for 200 barrels/hour)
Capacity£º200B/H£¨5 gallon /18.9L£©
Product: Drinking water
Model of equipment£ºQGF-200
Suitable of barrel:£º5 gallon barrel £¨§¶270¡Á490¡Á§¶56mm£©
Max filling volume£º5 gallon /18.9L
capper£º5gallon clear capper£¨§¶56¡Á39+17¡Á8£©
Filling fashion£ºNormal pressure filling
Transportation fashion£ºmotor drive transportation
Specification of main equipment
1.  QGF-200  Barrel Filling Machine           
1. Introduction
QGF-200 is a combination of barrel rinsing, water filling and capping functions for barrel mineral water with range of 3 Gallons and 5 Gallons. It is the ideal production machine for mineral water, distilled water and pure water. The components which have contiguity with water are made of stainless steel, non-erosive and easy cleaning. The majority of electronic components are imported from Mitsubishi and Schneider, and AIRTAC for air components. The characteristics for this machine is compactable, easy setting, high stable productivity and easy for commissioning. Moreover, the machine is fully automatic with easy operation and only two labors are necessary.
2. main parameter
1£® filling head: 1 pc
2£® filling barrel volume : 3 or 5 gallon
3£® barrels dimension:¦µ276¡Á370¡¢¦µ276¡Á490
 Caps£º5 gallons smart caps£¨§¶56¡Á39+17¡Á8£©
4£® Production capacity£º200 barrels/Hour
5£® water consumption: drinking water 2T/h ,rinsing water: 0.5T/h
6£® air pressure:0.45-0.6Mpa£¬air consumption: 40L/min
7£® dimension:£º2600¡Á710¡Á1500mm
8£® weight: about 400KG

2. Pull cap and brush barrel machine
Suitable for pulling lid and pre-scrubing of 5 gallon , 3 gallon recovery plastic barrels.
Main technological :
Remove cap 1 pcs
Air pressure0.6Mpa
Brusher 6 pcs£¨inside and outside¡¢up and down£©
Suitable of barrel 5 gallon£¨¦µ270¡Á490¡Á56mm£©
Main power 1.1KW£¨380V   50Hz£©
Out put 200-300 barrel per hour
Size of machine750¡Á800¡Á1200mm
Weight 125Kg

3. automatic shrinking machine        ZSM-1
ZSM heat contracting machine is consist of water vessel and electric heat up, electric heat up to produce steam, when the barrels with plastic cover through inspected by inspection light pass steam channel, heat contracting machine exam there are barrels, then open electromagnetism valve to release high pressure steam to made plastic cover shrink to molding.
Main parameter£º
Rating pressure£º0.4Mpa
Rating steam temperature£»150¡æ
Capacity :300BPH
Suitable barrel£º¦µ276¡Á490¡Á¦µ56mm
Suitable cap£º5gallons smart cap£¨§¶56¡Á39+17¡Á8£©

4. light checker     DJ-1
DL-1 light inspection, lighting for eyeballing inside and outside objects£¬check sundries.
Main parameter£º
Suitable barrel£º¦µ276¡Á490¡Á¦µ56mm
Washing capacity£º300b/h
Overall dimension£º1000¡Á150¡Á450mm
5. Product Conveying belt
The washed empty barrels are imported  to auto barrel loader work place, when the barrel loader¡¯s counter take count of 8£¬the barrel block air tank start to work£¬stop empty barrel£»then air tank for push empty barrel start work£¬restoration after push barrels to barrel turn over frame£»at this time barrel air tank start work£¬make the barrel at plane state and cut in support of barrel£»principle axis of air tank for washing barrel start to work£¬empty barrels moved with chain to one work place£¬then handstanded£»then the barrel loader restoration£¬then repeat the processing.

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