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pure water treatment system
1.raw water tank
2. water pump
3.sand filter
4.Activated carbon filter
5.Precision filter
6.RO filter (2 Step filter RO)
7.UV sterilizer
8.Ozone generator
9.water tank


raw water tank
This tank is for buffer tank . Avoid water supply pressure lower or high .

water pump
This pump is supply the water to first filter . Keep the same water flow
And same water pressure .

sand filter
This filter remove the suspended matter .

Activated carbon filter
this machine function : remove the organic matter , chloridion , and
Clear water chroma.

Precision filter
This machine function : remove the tiny impurity .
The filtering membrane precise is 0.1-120m filter .

RO filter (2 Step filter RO)
The first filtering membrane precise is 0.001-0.1m .
The second  filtering membrane precise 0.001-0.001m .
This machine include all the hollow filter function .
But it's filter can remove the mineral ion .

UV sterilizer
This is a light to sterilizer .
UV lights used to kill bacteria, viruses and other organisms, or lose activity .

Ozone generator
This machine produce the Ozone and mix ozone into water to sterilization .

9.water tank
This tank is the last water tank to filling machine .

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