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Automatic stick Label Machine (one label)

Technique parameter£º
Inner diameter of label: 76mm
Max outer diameter of label: ¡Ü 300mm
Label width: 10-200mm
Label length: 10-400mm
Label precision: ¡À1mm
Production capacity: 20-200 bottle/min£¨different bottle and label size,different speed£©
Power: 250W 220V 50Hz (according to the customers requirement)
Weight: 200Kg

This machine is used for using the Taiwan touching type of PLC control or knob control. It is made up of photoelectricity equipment of Japan OMRON. Synchronization electrical£¬timing electrical, conveyer belt. Import strap etc correlative part.
The design of mainframe part absorbed label transmit of import machine and solved the unsteady ingredient of homemade common label.
The machine is suitable for various specifications of bottles. Its operation is easy and it can be finished in a short time.
The quick printer adopts the motor drive, gas drive. The words in the ribbon are clear and clean.
The whole machine is designed to meet GMP standard.
This machine is suitable for processing the big round label of medicine, chemical, food, commodity etc.

No. Name  Model Habitat QTY
1 Transportation board 820-K400 Shanghai Yingsheng 1
2 Rolling label organization 2LRA1 kuixing 1
3 Deliver label organization Aluminum
alloy kuixing 1
4 Printing  RM300 kuixing 1
5 Bearings 690222 Japan 22
6 Touching screen 5.7inch PWS-1711 Taiwan TAIDA 1
7 PLC 14MT Siemens 1
8 Photoelectricity  E3X-NA11 Japan OMRON 2
9 Stepper motor 85BYGH Dongkong Shanghai 1
10 Power supply  24V*15A Mingwei Taiwan 1
11 relay 24V Changjiang Shanghai    2
12 General button LAY7 Changjiang Shanghai 1
13 Main lines board YG200 kuixing 1
14 stainless steel 304 Korea 


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