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Automatic stick label machine (two label)

1. Suitable for labeling specification
 Label roll inner diameter: 76mm    Label roll outer diameter: 350mm
 Label width: 10-110mm              Label length: 20-240mm                      
 Bottle diameter: 30¡ª100mm         Bottle height: 30¡ª350mm
 Capacity: 30-50 bottle /min           Power supply: 220¡ª50HZ
 Power:  800W                      Machine weight: 400kg
 Labeling accuracy: ¡À1mm                
 The machine external dimension: 2500mm*1500mm*1400mm

2. Main electrical parts
     Step motor, inverter (Taiwan), touch screen and PLC of controlled by Japan¡¯s photoelectric switch and the strong power motor parts etc.
 The machine adopts touch screen and PLC control system, select for strong power motor and Japan¡¯s photoelectric switch, inverter for testing of press the bottle and conveyor synchronization, each important part movement uses synchronous drive simultaneity. It can ensure the labels accurate ¡¢stability ¡¢reliable and highly active is the best labeling equipment of product line or one machine .

3. Main material
The machine all made up of stainless 304 and aluminum alloy materials, the component parts adopt standard design has the interchangeability, totally according to GMP standard.
Labeling adjustment made of aluminum alloy structure, the surface deal with sandblast¡¢cleanliness¡¢easy for maintain, conveyor chain made of exported material , have good temper, anti-friction, easy in cleaning and no changing.

 Main feature
 £¨1£©The machine is widely used to label and print lot No. on object of round ¡¢circular cone¡¢square¡¢ flat ¡¢oval bottle and fixed round bottle in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industry.
 £¨2£©The main frame of design adopt label conveyor method, solve to unstable factor of ecumenical domestic labeling machine.
 £¨3£©The machine can used by one or connect with product line.
Parts List- Labeling machine BLM-630D
S/No. Description Model Original  Quantity
1 Conveyor Chain 820-K450 Guangzhou BEN 5M
2 Label delivering  structure BLM-610T Guangzhou 2
3 Bottle dispenser  structure Machine Guangzhou 1
4 Labeling structure Aluminum alloy Guangzhou 2
5 Bottle-pressing structure Stainless steel  Guangzhou 1
6 Axletree 6902 etc Japan  25
7 Touch screen 5.7  MT506L Taiwan - EVIEW 1
8 PLC CPU224 Germany - SIEMENS 1
9 Step motor  5 phase Japan - TAMAGAWA 2
10 Conveyor motor 370W Haitec 1
11 Volume label motor  90W Shanghai  1
12 Power switch 24V*15A Taiwan  1
13 Valve 24V Taiwan - ORIENT 1
14 Cylinder TN30-20 Taiwan - ORIENT 1
15 Object sensor  40B410 Germany - SICK 3
16 Stainless steel  304  4

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