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OK-4000B label-pasting machine for round bottle
1.Main engine size: L4500mm  W1600mm  H2000mm
2.4 meters conveyor belt included
3.Gross Weight: About 1900Kg
4.Bottle height: According to sample
5.Paper pipe interior span: According to sample
6.Main engine speed: 50~200/min
7.Label length: 60-400mm
8.Bottle diameter 50-100mm
9.Label wide: 25-400mm
10.Label thickness: 0.04-0.05mm
11.Use power supply: AC 3p 380V
12. Consumed power: 10KW

B. OK-4000B machine configuration
Full cover Main engine: Make the operator safety work
Type of drive: Gearing type
Type of delivers the bottle: Cylinder
Star disc type Separation bottle: Keep the safety space when the bottle enter pastes the sign
Enters the sign adjustment group: more accuracy of pastes the sign precision
Multicolored control box: Operation human nature
Stationary type material-providing shelf: plane type
C. OK-4000B machine feature
AC 3-Phase Invertor PLC controlled system.
Body is built with stainless steel, aluminum alloy and square steel tubes.
Structure of square welded tubes and steel beams ensure stable and smooth at high speed performance
Centralized Lubricating System for simple and effortless on maintenance, lubrication and cleaning.
Automatic tension control
Automated label proofreading and label-cutting system.
3 types of Adhesive Dispenser Systems for your selection: heat-melting adhesive, cold adhesive, and heat-activated adhesive.
Automatic warning system will make and alarm when it is out of label.
This machine has data remember function.
D. OK-4000B Electric appliance configuration
PLC Japan Mitsubishi FX2N-64MT
Servo motor: Japan Mitsubishi
Servo drive: Japan Mitsubishi
Isochronous controller  : German MKS
Encoder£ºJapan Sanyo
Transducer: Japan Panasonic
Sensor: Japan SUNX
Fan: Shanghai
Touch screen:  E-view
Cylinder:  SMC
Melts rubber machine: 

F. When the bottle size is different, must change the components:(The expense is extra pay)
Vacuum drum (It is used on adsorbing label in disk, to advance the label to gelatinizing.)
Star disc enters the bottle wheel (it is use on Bottle separating. Each star disc enters the bottle wheel is according to the bottle size.)
Separation wheel (the Separation unit guided the bottle to be out of the labeling position.)

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